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All people of all ages are welcome at Holy Trinity Church!  In Christ all are one.




The Service


-Relax. We are not stuffy, though we may be somewhat formal!
-Ushers are near the door to help you
-Ushers will give you a printed bulletin to guide you through the service
-We use a prayer book (red) and a hymnal (blue)



Holy Communion


All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion. You may stand or kneel – and if you cannot come to the altar rail, communion will be brought to you in your seat. Whether at the rail or in your seat,


-You can receive the bread in your hand and drink from the cup
-You can receive the bread only, in your hand
-You can receive the wine only, drinking from the cup
-You can let the chalice bearer intinct (dip) the bread in the wine for you


Note that priests, chalice bearers, and altar guild members sanitize their hands with Purell before touching the bread or the cup. If you need gluten-free communion bread, just ask – it is always available.


If you do not wish to receive communion, you may come to the altar rail and cross your arms over your chest, and the priest will be pleased to give you a blessing.





Children of all ages are welcome at the service. If you wish, ask an usher about activities for children.



Visit With Us


Join us after the service for refreshments in the parish hall