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Ways to Help at Holy Trinity.  Click on the Leadership page to find names of current committee chairs.


Food Bank (NEED FOOD AID? Click here for help)


There are two ways to obtain food from our food bank.


  1. Directly from Holy Trinity. Clients call the office (410-914-5531) 9am-1pm, Mon-Thurs., explain their need and provide contact information. An outreach volunteer will call the family and arrange for pick-up or delivery.
  2. Through FISH of east Harford County. People can call FISH (410-836-6440) at any hour of any day and leave a message telling their name, address, phone number and the number of children and adults needing food.  Volunteers for FISH will contact the family and arrange to deliver a three-day supply of food.  If our volunteers are on duty the day of the call, the order will be filled from our pantry.

Volunteers are needed to fill grocery bags, deliver food, shop and manage the contents of the food closet.




Anyone is welcome to attend meetings of the Outreach Committee. The committee’s expenditure intentions for aid projects are 10% for international, 10% for national and 80% for local.

International and national projects are usually supported with money. Projects supported in the past have included disaster relief, such as Puerto Rico hurricane relief, and educational projects, such as girls’ UNICEF scholarships. More regionally, support has been given to Claggett church camp scholarships.

Our work with local aid is often more diverse, involving both the donation of money and practical help. Through FISH we have helped practically with food and financially with utility cut-offs and with prescription medicine needs. Occasionally individuals are provided with temporary shelter. In addition to financial aid to the Welcome One Homeless Shelter in Belcamp, MD, Outreach volunteers have provided groceries and home cooked meals to the Help for the Homeless rotating winter shelter program.  We maintain an active relationship with Harford Family House, a transitional shelter for homeless families.

The knitting group, Praying Hands Ministry provide prayer shawls to individuals who are ill and knit caps to hospitals both for infants and for cancer patients

We partner with school guidance counsellors to provide school clothes for children. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we provide individualized gifts and groceries for identified families.  Through the schools we have also helped in emergencies that affect the children, such as house fires or electricity cut-offs.

Outreach volunteers include mentors, knitters, cooks, drivers, shoppers and wrappers, to name but a few.